Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management is the most popular choice for maintaining the health and vigor of landscapes. The goal of IPM is to maintain a healthy ecosystem in the landscape by creating a balance. The Mead Tree & Turf Care program is designed to maintain pest populations below a damaging level, in order to encourage beneficial insect populations. This is done through inspections and treatment of select plants using the least toxic, most effective treatment options. Organic programs are available.

Program Highlights

  • Programs to control pests and disease on plants, shrubs and trees up to 20' range from 4 to 10 visits throughout the growing season and are used.
  • Trained technicians scout for cultural and biotic issues such as drainage and sun/shade issues.
  • Written reports are left for the client so they are always aware of what's going on in their landscape.

Many clients enjoy the level of detail and knowledge that is received as a part of this program.

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They did a great job and cleaned up beautifully after they were done.Lorraine S.

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