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Tree care is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Every day we take risks to perform our job. Mead Tree and Turf Care can provide your employees with the necessary training to deal with the risk associated with tree care. We offer the following training programs:



CPR & First Aid*

If a serious accident occurs on a job site or in your office, do your employees know what to do? Mead Tree and Turf Care can provide all of your employees with proper CPR and First Aid training. Using the Coyne™ First Aid training program, certified Instructors will teach your employees to:

  1. Properly assess an area before attempting to render aid.
  2. Deal with an injury such as a cut, break, or burn
  3. Administer CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)

* Required by MOSH

MOSH Compliance

The time to find out if you are within MOSH compliance is not when you are dealing with an inspection or an accident. Representatives of Mead Tree and Turf Care took part in helping MOSH write the new standards. Through the training program, you will learn what is needed to ensure you are compliant with the new laws and avoid any unnecessary fines.

Chipper Safety

When a new employee comes to work, usually the first thing that is taught to them is how to use a chipper. There have been hundreds of deaths within the tree care industry that are associated with chippers. In cooperation with TCIA®, Mead Tree and Turf Care will provide training using the Chipper Operator Specialist™ program. Your employees will learn how to operate and maintain a chipper properly.

Aerial Rescue

If the time arrives, and there is an employee that needs to be rescued in a tree, will the people on the ground know how to react? Mead Tree and Turf Care can provide the latest aerial rescue techniques to ensure your employees will be able to handle the situation properly. Mead Tree and Turf Care uses the TCIA® Aerial Rescue program, and are certified instructors.


Electrical Hazardous Awareness Program was created by TCIA® to make tree workers aware of the hazards associated with working near electrical conductors. Far too often fatalities have resulted because, an untrained employee made direct or indirect contact with an electric line. Mead Tree and Turf Care, Inc. will provide training using the EHAP® program provided by TCIA®, to ensure employees get the necessary training to stay safe when in proximity to electrical conductors.

* This is not a Line Clearance Certification Program


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