Commercial Services

Specialized equipment can be costly if it is not needed on a regular basis, but can also increase safety and profitability on the job. Mead Tree & Turf Care offers the following subcontracted services. Please note we are available to price jobs upon request.

Crane Rental

Tree removal is always a difficult task. Utilizing a crane reduces the impact on the surrounding landscape. Mead Tree and Turf Care, Inc. has a 38 ton crane with a NCCCO operator, who has experience in tree removal as a former climber and certified arborist. Mead Tree and Turf Care will inspect potential sites upon request to ensure crane use is possible.

Risk Assessment

Deciding whether or not a tree is safe requires skill and the appropriate equipment. Mead Tree and Turf Care has the ability to inspect a tree and give a risk rating that is both qualitative and quantitative. Mead Tree and Turf Care uses a Resistograph® to determine the amount of wood decay within a tree. Once readings are acquired, the info is plugged in to an equation and a risk rating is given, based on the final number.

Wood Pick Up

Whenever there is wood that needs to be picked up, Mead Tree and Turf Care has the necessary equipment to get it done for you. Reasonably priced, you can have wood hauled out in lengths rather than having to cut it up and loaded into a truck by hand.

Plant Health Care

Every property has the potential for plant health care services. Mead Tree and Turf Care has all of the necessary skill and equipment to provide plant health care services to your clients at a very competitive rate. This allows you to offer services such as IPM, Target Sprays, Macro injections, Micro injections, Compost tea and full turf services, Vertical Mulching, Root Collar Excavations.

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