Plant Health Care Tech

Job Description

This is an intermediate level position requiring completion of all of the requirements of PHC Apprentice. He/she will be expected to receive work orders for the PHC manager and be required to perform all TARGET spray operations without supervision.

Required Skills

  • Ability to perform all target Spray applications:
    • Correct selection of Chemicals
    • Correct Mixing Procedures
    • Correct Application Procedure
  • Ability to perform proper Macro-Micro Injections
  • Ability to perform soil remediation:
    • Vertical Mulching With the Air-Spade™
    • Radial Trenching With the Air Spade™
    • Deep Root Soil injection
  • Understand Compost Tea:
    • Benefits
    • Brewing
    • Application
  • Possesses good working knowledge of all spray equipment
  • Ability to perform root pruning:
    • Mechanical
    • Air-spade
  • Introduction to IPM Scouting
  • Possesses a general knowledge of common tree and shrub identification
  • Begin ISA Certified Arborist Process
  • Ability to perform hose repair onsite
  • Complete CDL Process

Additional Skills

  • IPM Short Course from UMD

Plant Health Care Tech Apprentice

Job Description

This is an entry level position requiring completion of all of the requirements of PHC Laborer. The individual will assist the PHC/IPM Tech with PHC operations under supervision and must have a basic understanding of spray operations.

Required Skills

  • Ability to perform duties of PHC Laborer
  • Begin to learn mixing procedures according to the product label
  • Ability to assist PHC/IPM Technician with applications under supervision
  • Begin training and study for VA Applicator card
  • Properly fill out application reports
  • Ability to learn tree identification
  • Introduction Tree Preservation concepts
  • Introduction to Arboricultural/Horticultural concepts
  • Be aware of proper empty container disposal
  • Introduction to hose repair procedures
  • Continue CDL Process (Taken exam at least once)

Other Qualifications

  • IPM Short Course from UMD
Thank you for all that you are doing...Trish D.

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