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In September of 2003, Maryland was hit by Hurricane Isabel, resulting in a great deal of damage to property, trees, and power lines. More recently, there has been the threat of a very active hurricane season, with one storm after another making the news. Much of the damage from Isabel was the result of fallen trees and limbs leaving many without power for a week or more.  With a little advanced planning, homeowners can reduce the chances of damage to their home and property by surveying their trees for problems. Here are some signs to look for:

-dead wood/limbs with no foliage

-signs of decay such as hollow areas, animals living in the tree, decay at the tree base, or mushrooms growing in a pattern over roots

-trees that may be top-heavy and need crown cleaning, such as Bradford pears

-large limbs over-hanging your house, driveway or sidewalks

If you think your trees may become hazardous during a storm, call Mead Tree & Turf Care for a professional evaluation. Our licensed arborists can help you determine ways to reduce potential property and tree damage, and take care of problem trees before a storm hits. Although having trees pruned or taken down can be an unwanted expense, the damage they can cause during a storm can be much more costly.