Erin Young Plant Health Care Sales & Service Supervisor

Erin is a West Virginia University alumni, where he received a BS in Agriculture specializing in Agroecology, Environmental Microbiology, and Soil and Horticultural Sciences. He has worked in multiple labs and served as assistant plant pathologist in the West Virginia extension service diagnostics lab, where he helped establish the Information Platform for Extension and Education (iPiPE) pest and disease forecasting system. Erin has a strong research background and interest in plant pathology, and has curated multiple living collections of parasitic fungi and bacteria, and collected a germplasm source for all endemic disease in West Virginia. He has completed his MD Pesticide Applicators Certification, MD Professional Fertilizer Applicators License and ISA Certified Arborist. As the Plant Health Care (PHC) Supervisor Erin will serve as the point of contact for all IPM and PHC needs.

They did a great job and cleaned up beautifully after they were done.Lorraine S.

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