Green Initiatives

“Going green” is not just about growing plants and trees. Tree and yard care can generate a large amount of waste. In the past, tree companies may have deposited this waste in landfills or on private land, but as space in landfills has become limited, government regulations on dumping have become more stringent, and the expense for dumping has increased, it has become prudent to find waste disposal methods that preserve resources and are environmentally friendly.

Mead Tree & Turf Care is committed to recycling 100% of our waste. Although recycling efforts still include a sizable cost for the fuel and labor involved for trucking and processing, the cost to the consumer and the impact on the environment is much less than dumping. Mead Tree & Turf Care’s production waste may re-appear in any purpose that recycled products can be used for - the mulch in your beds, the paper bags your groceries are carried in, the lumber for the the new house going up next door, or even your new driveway.

Our recycling efforts can also be used toward LEED credits on construction projects.

Where Our Waste Products Go

  • Yard waste and wood chips are shipped to a mulch manufacturing plant
  • Wood is classified by type, size, and quality, then sent to a lumber mill, paper mill, or firewood processing plant
  • Stump grindings are composted for soil or used for fill dirt
  • Waste oil from truck servicing is sent to an oil refining company where it is recycled for use as fuel for heating asphalt
  • Scrap metal that may be collected on jobs or in our production yard is sent to a metal recycling facility
  • All waste paper, glass, cans, and plastic are recycled

Recycling takes a little more time and effort, but the long-term benefit to the environment and short term financial benefit the consumer makes “going green” worthwhile. 

Just wanted to pass on that your crew working here in Arlington today have been doing a great job. From the trees, to loading, really exceptional. Very professional.Michael N.

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